What We Stand For

OXX® builds premium products for people who work and play outside, the World’s Toughest in fact. Every design element and every engineering build, we pushed beyond what you’d expect in a coffee maker. The COFFEEBOXX™ was created to be another tool in your arsenal. We want you to take it everywhere you go. It provides the fuel you need.

Our Inspiration

The COFFEEBOXX was born of an epiphany. While designing appliances that go inside the house, the founder of OXX took note of all the appliances carried in and off job sites each day. Those who literally build our modern day society and provide us with the shelter for the rest of us to live and work, bring their breakroom with them each day. This needed to change, and so OXX was forged.

Beyond Rugged.

The builder was our North Star. The COFFEEBOXX is engineered with a crush-proof body, made with the impact-resistant materials you’d often find in tools that take a beating. We reinforced walls, sealed up components and made the water tank spill-proof. You’re on the go and there’s no time for sticky buttons or splashing water.

Speaking of go, the COFFEEBOXX is built with six external stainless steel tie downs, a retractable cord and a rubberized handle. Now it’s easy to have hot coffee when and where you want it. Hit the power button and you can have a hot cup of joe in less than 90 seconds. Durable and low maintenance, all you have to do is clean it on occasion.

If the COFFEEBOXX is tough enough for work, there’s no doubt that it’s ready for camping, hunting, boating, tailgating, RVing… just name the adventure.

“If coffee is the nectar of the gods, then this is Thor’s coffeemaker.”

food-and-wine“Introducing the world’s toughest coffee maker for rugged caffeinators.”


“It’s hard to beat the convenience of K-Cup coffee packs – but they’re limited to at home use. Until now.”