Fueling the Bearded Sole: Adam Kimble Finishes 2,450 Mile Journey

Adam Kimble is a marathon runner. Somewhere along the line, running marathons didn’t suit Kimble anymore. He wanted a bigger challenge—something that would test the limits of his body and mind.

Well, he found that challenge. Word on the street is that this whole idea came from a trip Adam took with his wife to Chile. While he was traveling the Chilean highways, Adam was inspired, and started planning a run that would take him across the United States. But he didn’t want to just run from coast to coast. Adam wanted to do it as quickly as possible. Originally, Adam was going to attempt the Guinness World Record for crossing the United States in the shortest amount of time. After some unfortunate health setbacks that caused major time delays, Adam pushed the World Record aside. Instead, he focused on finishing what he started, setting his sights on running 2,450 miles from Huntington Beach, California to Tybee Island, Georgia.

When the OXX Team heard about Adam, honestly, our first thought was “holy cow, this guy is pulling a Forrest Gump.” I mean, can you blame us?!


But in addition to his uncanny resemblance to Forrest, Adam embodied some of the principles OXX holds dear: hard work, determination, perseverance, and respect for the art of beard growing. We jumped at the chance to support him and shipped over a COFFEEBOXX as fast as we could. It wasn’t long after it arrived that we got a few pictures from Adam and his team enjoying coffee from their COFFEEBOXX as they jumped from state to state.

On April 18, 2016, Adam crossed the finish line, ending his 60-day, 2,450-mile journey. No, it wasn’t easy, and no, it wasn’t always good fun. But he didn’t give up, and that is something we will always applaud.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.30.33 PM
Photo Courtesy of Charlie Kaye Media

From the bottom of our hearts, Adam, the OXX Team wants to congratulate you on finishing this journey. It has been inspiring to see what you’ve overcome with a spirit of optimism and good-heartedness. Thank you for letting us fuel this adventure.