6 Badass Coffee Brands You Should Be Brewing

We know you’ve got crap to do. Don’t we all? And what better way to get things done than with more coffee. (Cue eye roll from wife and friends). To fuel your day and your caffeine addiction, we’ve put together a list of our favorite coffee brands. All possess their own form of badassery with levels of caffeine that aren’t commonly experienced by mere mortal. Let’s begin.

1.) Death Wish Coffee

We can’t get enough of these guys, and it’s no secret why. Death Wish is the maker of the world’s strongest coffee. Its combination of beans fuse together to brew a cup of coffee that goes down smooth, boasting 200% more caffeine than the average cuppa joe. Oh, and they just won a spot for an ad in the Super Bowl. Does it get anymore badass?



2.) Black Rifle Coffee

Talk about bleeding red, white and blue. The folks who started Black Rifle Coffee are Special Forces Veterans who have dedicated their company to making every cup a testament to the American spirit. Black Rifle makes a variety of different roasts, and each bears a name with some sort of military significance. Whether you choose a lighter roast like Snipers Hide or the demonically dark Murdered Out, enjoy yourself a hot cup of freedom.




3.) Caveman Coffee: Sabertooth Roast

For a coffee touting teeth, you’d be surprised at the smooth richness of this prehistoric predator. Caveman Coffee’s Sabertooth Roast is a dark blend of Brazilian beans that “is smoky on the nose, with notes of campfire marshmallows, vanilla pipe tobacco, and toasted hazelnuts…with a hint of lemon peel on the finish.” Yum, right?

4.) Caffeine & Kilos

This lifestyle brand doesn’t fool around with their love of coffee and weight lifting. CrossFit Excel and WarriorZ Fitness professionals from Sacremento, California channeled their caffeine addiction toward their signature PR Blend. This organic roast was crafted with rich antioxidants and a high caffeine content to get the job done. And to help them lift heavy stuff, I guess.


5.) Wake the F’Up

As comical as this brew is, this blend actually comes with a reminder that it’s not a novelty. True to its word, Wake the F’Up is a strong cup of joe that can replace your caffeine IV drip. Not too shabby.



6.) Caliber Coffee: Bitch Slap

We can’t make this stuff up. This blend out of Montana is fired up about their coffee being strong enough to get anyone up and at ‘em. Their motto? “Drink Up, Wake Up.”



There you have it: the roasts that will help you do stupid things even faster. If there’s a badass coffee brands that we missed, drop us a line and we’ll look into it. In the meantime, stay caffeinated, friends.