At OXX we build premium products for people who work and play outside — and getting where you’re going is part of the fun. We build for life’s most extreme situations so we’re highlighting some of the epic vehicles out there today that also strive to exceed expectations. Power and performance are what lies inside these OXX certified Beyond Rugged Rides.


A team of eight Russian daredevils are coming together to build an ATV that will help them conquer the world record time for an expedition to the North Pole. Alexey Markarov is a machine builder and traveler who wanted to create an all-terrain vehicle that could take on the Pole’s snowy tundra, floating ice, and water. His dream is becoming a reality with the creation of Burlak-1—a six-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle. Right now the Burlak-1 has passed its first round of testing, and the team will begin Burlak-2 using the information gathered from their time in the field. The expedition is scheduled to begin in 2018.


Features of the Burlak-1:

  • Six-wheeled amphibious vehicle
  • Sealed body design and propeller allow Burlak to float and maneuver ice cracks
  • Engine access from passenger seat
  • Independently engineered transmission and torque divider
  • Four beds, kitchenette included with gas burning stove, a sink and shower
  • Exterior covered with 1 mm thick aluminum