At OXX we build premium products for people who work and play outside — and getting where you’re going is part of the fun. We build for life’s most extreme situations so we’re highlighting some of the epic vehicles out there today that also strive to exceed expectations. Power and performance are what lies inside these OXX certified Beyond Rugged Rides.

Made to wander off and on the road, this bada** buggy travels light while packing some serious power. The Ariel Nomad, a distant cousin of the Ariel Atom, is now available for purchase in the US! Originally made across the pond, this Beyond Rugged Ride is engineered to bring you closer to the harshest elements.

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The Ariel Nomad has all the features to take you far from the beaten path. Mounted just over the rear axle is a Honda 2.4 litre iVTEC four-cylinder engine delivering 235 horsepower. The chassis is a bronze welded tubular exoskeleton with a 12-inch ground clearance. At a dry weight of only 1,430 lbs it can handle any rugged terrain with more than enough torque and flexibility. It is rear-drive only so it’s not made to climb, but Ariel guarantees you’ll speed across rough roads with a smile on your face.

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Hand built specialty vehicles like this one don’t come cheap, and with prices starting around $80,000 you’ll be paying a lot for your Nomad.With its smart, custom design and versatile features the latest from Ariel is perfect for your next off-road adventure.


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