At OXX we build premium products for people who work and play outside — and getting where you’re going is part of the fun. We build for life’s most extreme situations so we’re highlighting some of the epic vehicles out there today that also strive to exceed expectations. Power and performance are what lies inside these OXX certified Beyond Rugged Rides.

It’s time to take off roading to another level. What vehicle can go the distance? For your consideration, the Sherp ATV. With 5 ft, self-inflating, tubeless tires it really can go anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the terrain is muddy, rocky, sandy or icy — this Russian-made ride can conquer it. Don’t worry about falling through that ice either, Sherp can cross the water with ease. It’s a beast built to take on the harshest landscapes, and that’s what makes it one of our favorite Rides.

giphy (15)Holy Sherp. 

If you’ve got an extra $65,000 laying around you could buy a Sherp for yourself. The standard model comes with a variety of quality features including a soft top tent, and 15-gallon fuel tank. The exterior has a durable polymer coating for extra protection, as well as additional interior safety features.


Inside Sherp there are two seats as well as ample cargo space. Under the hood is a Kubota V1505-t Diesel Engine cranking out around 44 hp. You probably won’t be the fastest off the grid going (only 30 mph on land and 4 mph on water) but let’s not forget the Sherp can also climb over 3 ft obstacles and swim. For an additional $5,000 you can purchase the KUNG version which comes with a hardtop and a more luxurious cabin space. 

giphy (16)

This is the truck we wanted as kids, and the 4X4 we didn’t know existed as adults — until now. So bring on hell and high water, because the Sherp can take it and so can we. 


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