Must-Have Hunting Gear

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Hunting is attracting many new participants. Some people are drawn to the idea of obtaining meat in the most natural and organic way possible. Some simply want a hobby that allows them to be immersed in nature. Some people are attracted to the indescribable excitement of the sport. Whatever your reason, be sure to pack this must-have hunting gear to keep you sharp and on your game.


Of course, the number one piece of must-have hunting equipment is a bow or firearm. There are three questions a prospective hunter must ask themselves when they are choosing the right firearm or bow.  1. What kind of game are they looking to hunt? Deer? Turkey? Waterfowl? The caliber of gun or bow is important to take into consideration. A 12ga shotgun can be used across most species. 2. What are the laws in the area you are hunting? If you are looking to hunt in a highly-populated area, rifles will likely be illegal and out of the question  3. What time of year/season are you hunting? When you hunt deer, elk or moose, archery season always comes first. Just because it’s “deer hunting season” does not mean you can use a gun.

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Camo Clothing

Layering is key when dressing for any type of hunt. To avoid becoming “overheated” during the walk-in, many hunters head to their spot in a light base layer. They are able to put on more layers as the weather gets colder and they are not moving. Nowadays, there are too many camouflage camo companies to count.  Having camouflage that is specific to the area you are hunting is a major bonus.


With all your essential hunting gear and accessories, you’ll need a place to store everything and still keep your hands free. Get a backpack and use it the exact same way each time so you know where all of your equipment is.


The best hunting times are usually at dawn and dusk. Getting into your spots before the sun comes up and leaving when the sun goes down is essential, and you’ll need a headlamp or a flashlight to navigate your way outdoors in the dark. Many hunters are looking at apps like HuntWise that use weather data, rut information and barometric pressure to show the best times to hunt.


Knives are important for many reasons. No matter what game you hunt, you are going to need a knife to field dress or butcher your animal. You never know when you are going to need a knife for safety or survival reasons, as well.


Even the most prepared hunters need a little extra boost now and again. When the morning starts to drag on and there doesn’t appear to be any activity in a tried-and-true hunting spot, you’ll be extra thankful for an insulated tumbler or bottle that keeps your coffee warm for hours.


First, you need to find the area you are going to hunt. HuntWise app is key for finding land to hunt, scouting the lay of the land and marking where you set up your spot. If you don’t own hunting land, you can use public land, or land for lease. Then figure out what makes sense for your hunt: bowhunters hunt whitetail from treestands, gun hunters prefer elevated blinds, and waterfowl hunters are deep in the wetlands.


Having good footwear is essential. Big game hunters that are going after elk in the mountains need good hiking boots. Waterfowl hunters need waders to keep them warm and dry. And often whitetail hunters use knee-high rubber boots.

For the Hunting Cabin

Need a coffee maker that can keep up? Check out the COFFEEBOXX, the rugged coffee machine that provides caffeine anywhere in any condition, so you can stay warm and sharp. At some point you need a break from the stand. Head back to the cabin for some soup or oatmeal and use the hot water line for a quick meal.

Whether you’re settling into a treestand or hunkering down on the forest floor, make sure you’re fully prepared for what the elements might throw your way with essential hunting gear and accessories.