The Best Beyond Rugged Brands from Michigan

When you hear the words “Made in Michigan” it does something to you. Call it a tug at your heartstrings or a slight puffing out of your chest, but something about using a product that’s got ties to your home state is special. It makes you proud.


Our hope is that our fellow Michiganders will feel that way about OXX. We are just one of a handful of Michigan-based companies who are contributing to the trades industries in big ways. So we thought why not give each of them a holler? After doing a little digging, we’ve put together a pretty stacked team.


Carhartt®, Dearborn, MI

Carhartt has been “outworking them all since 1889.” No arguments here. Carhartt is dedicated to making products that hardworking men and women can be proud to wear and work in. In a state where winter temperatures dip into the mid 20’s to 30’s for the season, a Carhartt coat, hat, and gloves are the only way to stay warm and get the job done.




Wolverine®, Rockford, MI

Pioneering work boots that are designed for maximum comfort and function didn’t happen overnight. (It took about 130 years). Wolverine founder G.A. Krause understood that crafting a quality pair of boots was an ever-evolving process. With a dedication to innovation, Wolverine hasn’t forgotten where it came from. Some of that dedication can be found in their commitment to community, as they’ve kept Wolverine headquartered in the city of Rockford, MI since 1883.




HexArmor®, Grand Rapids, MI

Like OXX, HexArmor is another Grand Rapids based company that literally plays a hand in providing safety equipment to the trades industry.HexArmor is the makers of some of the best work gloves on the market, supplying different industries with the work wear that will keep their employees safe for whatever task they’re performing.



Yost Vises

Yost Vises®, Holland, MI

Since 1908, Yost Vises out of Holland, MI has been manufacturing vises for both personal use and commercial. Whether your vise is a garage companion, hobby project tool, or every-day-go-to, Yost’s vast line of products gives you the option to find the right vise for your price point.




Dodge®, Auburn Hills, MI

Your truck can say a lot about you. If you’re part of the Ram Nation, owning a Dodge isn’t just about having a truck that works hard—it’s about coming together to make things happen. Dodge trucks have been in production since the early 1920’s, and today the brand’s headquarters are out of Auburn on the state’s east side near Michigan’s thumb.



Ford®, Dearborn, MI

The story of Ford Motors takes place in Michigan, and played a huge role in the state’s economic boom, as Detroit became the Motor City. It was from this legacy that the Ford Truck Family was built. From the F-150 to the all-new Raptor, Ford has made it clear that durability and performance is key in their engineering and design.

OXX®, Grand Rapids, MI

Seeing the work of these other companies was one of the convincing factors that we needed to plant our roots in Michigan. OXX is all about celebrating the hard work of men and women all over the country, and we found a good supply of them right here in the Mitten. With confidence, we can say that our start in Grand Rapids is only the beginning, thanks to the support of people like you who share our get-it-done attitude.