Ultimate Tailgating Setup Ideas

For fall-loving football fans, putting together the ultimate tailgate setup isn’t a chore — it’s among the best part of the experience. No matter what your tailgating style, you’ll need a few necessities to ensure the comfort of your guests. But if you’re looking to step it up a notch to throw the best tailgate in town, check out our tailgating tips and setup ideas:

Entertainment: If you’re looking for an easy way to take any tailgate setup to the next level, invest in a simple-yet-sturdy speaker system to play your crowd’s favorite music and the game after kick-off — trust us, it will go a long way towards turning a simple get-together into a day (or night) to remember. Looking to take things to the next level or cater to a superfan group? Spring for a covered television and satellite dish to provide a full viewing experience before kick-off.

Tent, Table & Chairs: There are plenty of acceptable corners to cut when buying your tailgate materials. This category is not it. The tent you pitch says a lot about you as a person and the tailgate you’re throwing. It should be tall enough to allow a steady breeze through on a hot day, sturdy enough to survive a windy day, and properly decorated with your favorite team flag outside of the stadium. When it comes to chairs, invest in a few that will last. These will receive a lot of wear and tear,  so invest in comfort and utility alike – and don’t forget to spring for the cup holders!

Power: If you’re looking to bypass the ordinary and truly put together the ultimate tailgate setup, consider adding some portable power to the mix. While a big purchase, a great tailgate needs electricity to turn a casual get-together into a kick-ass outdoor party in a hurry. String lights through the trees, power a television, warm the crowd up with a space heater or coffee from the COFFEEBOXX… No matter what your dream setup looks like, it’s all possible thanks to the power of portable electricity. Ready to take the plunge? Check out the Goal Zero portable power stations.  

Grill & Meats: There is no tailgate without a grill, and there’s no need for a grill if you don’t have the meats. Whether you favor gas or charcoal, the glory of a smoking sausage on a cold October day is an unparalleled joy to a true tailgater. Stock up on steaks, burgers, dogs and all the fixin’s and let the good times roll. 

Drinks: The right amount of any quality beer can turn an average tailgate into a great tailgate, so consider it insurance against a bad time. But this isn’t just about the brews. You’ll also need some beverages to keep you fueled for that late-in-the-day game or warm in the late fall and winter months. Complete your ultimate tailgate setup with fresh coffee, hot chocolate, or any other K-Cup® based drink. With a rugged outdoor coffee maker like the OXX COFFEEBOXX, you’ll have a toasty drink ready in less than a minute and a half, rain or shine. 

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