Jobsite Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

The trades industry is constantly evolving—what with new gear hitting the market and old gear getting a facelift—it’s hard to keep up with all the gadgets and gizmos out there. With a little research, the OXX Team has put together some of the tools you need on the job to make your workday as efficient as possible.




Ironclad® Gloves

If you’re familiar with this brand, then you already know why we’re including them. The Ironclad® Heavy Utility Gloves are one of the company’s most popular work gloves on the market. This pairs uses Amara—a synthetic material with a suede-like feel—that is machine washable with a resistance to water damage. To mimic the natural curvature of your hand, the gloves have a slight bend to the fingers so your hands can relax comfortably.


Bosse Shovel

Round Point Shovel from Bosse Tools®

Shoveling can be one of the most fatiguing activities on the job. To make your work more efficient, the Round Point Shovel from Bosse Tools® was designed to give you more control with less strain. The shovel’s multiple locking positions reduce the amount of strain placed on your lower back as you work. Bosse is a newcomer to the tool game, and is all about developing tools based on ergonomics (people’s efficiency while working) to help people work smarter, not harder.






We first heard about the DUS-T® when we were on the show All-American Makers, where DUS-T CEO Steve Baker was showing the world his vision of environmentally conscious protective gear. The DUS-T has a mask built into the collar that can be pulled up over the mouth to protect the wearer from dust and debris particles. The DUS-T is machine washable, and is a greener solution to the disposable masks that currently dominate the market.




C.H. Hanson® Locking Pliers

It’s nice being able to save a trip back to the toolbox every now and then. With the C.H. Hanson LockJaw Pliers, you can avoid having to constantly adjust to the size of the nut or bolt you’re trying to tighten, these locking pliers from C.H. Hanson® automatically adjust to the right size for a strong, no-slip grip.



Magnetic Pick-up

Master Magnetics Telescoping Pick-Up Tool

We’ve all been there—you’re mid-project, and somehow you lose grip of a tool and it falls to some unreachable crawl space or inner wall. Instead of releasing a tidal wave of cuss words, do yourself a favor and invest in a magnetic pick-up tool. They’re usually under $10, and ones like this from Master Magentics can hold up to 3 lbs.




Tuirel® Laser Distance Measurer

Sometimes the ole tape measure just doesn’t cut it—especially when you’re in a tight space. For an accurate measurement when you can’t go old school, a laser distance measurer like this one from Tuirel® can come in handy. As for accuracy, we’ve only heard good things.



Milwaukee Marker

Milwaukee® Inkzall®

Being able to mark your cuts before you make your next slice goes hand-in-hand with the wise words “measure twice, cut once.” But sometimes, the surface you’re cutting doesn’t show your pencil lines very clearly. That’s where the Milwaukee® Inkzall® comes in. The marker’s clog resistant tip allows you to write on all kinds of surfaces—even wet ones. No matter whether you’re writing on OSB, cement, or cinderblocks, the Milwaukee Marker lets you scribble away.



Nebo Redline

Nebo® Redline®

This isn’t your old man’s torch we’re talking about here. The Nebo® Redline® packs all the power of your flashlight into a convenient, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum package. With five different light modes, including a low to high brightness range, S.O.S. flash, and Strobe feature, this light is great to keep on the job or in the car for emergencies. What makes it even better is the fact that it’s got a magnetic base so you can work hands free.




It’s time to make gas station coffee a thing of the past. With the COFFEEBOXX, fresh, hot coffee isn’t something only to be enjoyed in your kitchen. Engineered to be tough, the COFFEEBOXX is a tool that can survive use from anyone on your worksite. Throw it in the back of your vehicle for a workday or weekend adventure—its chassis is impact resistant and crush proof up to 1,500lbs—so bumps and bruises are of little concern. Need lunch? A separate hot water line makes this coffee maker another way to prep your food, without having to deal with coffee grounds.