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Making Coffee
Why did you make the COFFEEBOXX just single serve?
Our single serve COFFEEBOXX lets you brew a hot, fresh cup of coffee (8 oz., 10 oz. or 12 oz.) whenever you want one. No need to drink a whole pot quickly before it gets stale, or pour a pot of coffee into an insulated vacuum bottle that’ll only keep it hot for so long. With single serve brewing, when you’re ready for your next cup, you just make one. Single serve coffee pods are also perfect for brewing coffee on the go. They are sealed, self-contained filtering units and the ground coffee inside each pod is fresh; unlike the bags or cans of pre-ground coffee where you use a few scoops at a time as the rest loses freshness. Bottom line: single serve means a perfect cuppa with less waste.
I like the single serve idea but don’t like using disposable pods. Is there an alternative?
Yes, there are a number of reusable pods that you can refill with your favorite pre-ground coffee. We’ve found the EcoFill™ brand to be reliable. You can find it in our shop.
Can you make tea and other non-coffee based drinks and food?
The COFFEEBOXX features a unique, dedicated hot water line. This means no coffee ground residue in your tea or ramen. Select the water button on the control panel to get hot, fresh water. Pop a teabag, hot cocoa mix, or a pack of noodles directly into a cup to get your preferred fix.
How many cups of coffee do you get out of one tank of water?
You will get up to 10 cups of coffee in one tank (84.5 oz) of water if you choose the 8 oz. setting each time.
What size cup can I use in the COFFEEBOXX?
The COFFEEBOXX has a roomy area to fit large cups, insulated mugs and some thermoses. With the drip tray, it can accommodate a 7” tall cup. By removing the drip tray, it can accommodate an 8” tall cup. The area is 4” wide.
Is there a built-in water filter?
There is a replaceable water filter in the top of the water tank reservoir.
Do I need to use filtered water or can I get it from the tap?
The COFFEEBOXX uses a charcoal filter, so water from the tap works great. The filter removes contaminants and impurities; but don’t go filling the water tank from a pond or stream – that needs a different type of filtration.
Does the COFFEEBOXX work with all brands of coffee pods?
The COFFEEBOXX works with all K-Cup® compatible single serve coffee pods.*
Product Specs
How much does it weigh?
The COFFEEBOXX weighs 12 lbs when it the water tank is empty.
What are the dimensions of the COFFEEBOXX?
It is 11″L x 9″W x 11.5″H
Why didn’t you make the COFFEEBOXX with a battery?
It takes a lot of power to make good, hot coffee so unfortunately the batteries we’ve come to know and love just don’t have the strength to do the trick (well, a car battery will work). The COFFEEBOXX pulls down 1450W so we recommend at least a 1800W inverter if you go that route – but be sure to consult the manufacturer of the alternate power source before using the COFFEEBOXX to make sure the power source is connected correctly and can safely supply the required power.
What are the specs on power?
The COFFEEBOXX is a 120v AC, 1450W appliance.
Maintenance and Coverage
What kind of maintenance and cleaning should I do to keep the COFFEEBOXX running its best?
Just like changing the oil in your car and your furnace filter in your house, regular maintenance can go a long way. Be sure to clean the brewing compartment, drip tray and water tank regularly. Also, we recommend descaling every three months. Descaling removes calcium deposits that can build up like they do on any coffeemaker. See instructions in the owner’s manual (Link To Manual) on how to use vinegar and the proper steps. The COFFEEBOXX will remind you when it’s time. Descaling helps to ensure the best performance of your machine as well as the best tasting coffee.
Can I leave the COFFEEBOXX out in freezing temperatures?
We all know what happens when things freeze and it’s not pretty. Always store the COFFEEBOXX in a dry, controlled environment. Empty the Water Tank and allow it to completely air dry prior to storage. Follow the directions for flushing the machine on page 13 of the User Guide..
What does the one-year warranty cover?
It warrants that your OXX appliance will be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal use for one year from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace (based on our review) the OXX appliance without charge upon its receipt of proof of purchase. This does not cover consequential or incidental damages such as property damage. See full warranty info in the User Guide.
Can I get extra water tanks?
Yes, you can purchase water tanks in our shop.
Is there a compartment to hold the coffee pods, etc?
There is not a place in the COFFEEBOXX to hold coffee pods, however this is a case designed just for the COFFEEBOXX and its accessories. The case is designed to allow its use within the case. Unzip a panel to lower the drip tray and another to access the control panel. Additional compartments hold coffee pods, sugar, creamer, stirs, etc. You can find this awesome case in our shop.
Does the COFFEEBOXX come in other colors?
Yes, you can purchase the Limited Edition COFFEEBOXX in black in our shop.
Can I get a custom COFFEEBOXX with my name?
At this time we are unable to customize your COFFEEBOXX.
Q: Why do I need a rugged coffee maker?
Today’s countertop-based appliances like coffee makers are made for just that – a clean, climate-controlled countertop space inside. The COFFEEBOXX was designed from the ground up based on portability and outdoor use. With those special conditions in mind, everything had to be re-thought – components needed to be reinforced, plastic needed to be UV resistant, the water tank needed to be spill proof and the entire unit had to be lightweight and compact to store. You get all that with the COFFEEBOXX.
Can I also use it in my home or office?
Absolutely. Made for the outdoors, the COFFEEBOXX loves to brew coffee indoors just like a good indoor gig takes you out of the elements.
I have a question not in the FAQ, where can I reach someone with my question?
If it is a product troubleshooting questions, reach out to support@oxx.com. If it is any other type of question, email info@oxx.com and we’ll route it to the appropriate team member to respond.