Reusable Coffee Pods

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Reusable Coffee Pods



Want to reduce waste while still getting your coffee fix? Try eco-friendly k-cups. These reusable and easy to clean k-cup refillable pods can be used to make a quick cup anywhere while minimizing environmental impact. The Eco-Fill® 4-Pack Single Serve Coffee Filter can be filled with your own ground coffee and used again and again.

– Reusable coffee pods made out of polypropylene with a stainless steel wire mesh filter
– Dishwasher safe
– BPA-free


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1 review for Reusable Coffee Pods

  1. Anonymous

    As my wife and I have gotten older we don’t drink as much coffee as we used to, plus we’re pretty rough on our small appliances.

    This single serve coffee maker is the best one we’ve ever purchased, easily set up, easily cleaned. No fuss, no muss.

    We use only San Francisco Bay K cups due to their being the most recyclabe K cups currently on the market, and that they have a mesh cup instead of a plastic cup to ensure maximum brew saturation with no coffee groun blowout.

    The Coffeeboxx is rugged, dependable and looks just as good on the counter as it does in the camp site.

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