We want to answer any questions that you might have if you’re having questions about the functionality of your COFFEEBOXX. Scroll through the sections below to find your issue and follow the steps to resolve the problem.

Hey! How do I make the best cup of coffee with my COFFEEBOXX?

For the boldest, freshest, best tasting cup here are some pro tips from our OXX team: ­

  • Make sure the coffee you are using is fresh, and the Water Tank is clean and filled with fresh water (bottled and filtered water are good options). ­
  • For the strongest coffee, select a smaller cup size and check to how many grams of coffee are in the actual coffee pod. Most have 10 grams, but look for ones with 12 grams!  ­
  • Flush the brewing system if your if your descale indicator is on, follow the instructions below to clean the COFFEEBOXX and reset the indicator. ­
  • Clean the Pod Holder if necessary, sometimes small coffee grounds can build up around the rim and bottom.
  • Check to see if it’s time to switch out the water filter. We suggest to switch it out every three months.

Still having trouble? Check out the scenarios and solutions below:

What if machine will not turn on?

  1. We know this might sound obvious, but double check that the Power Cord is plugged in securely, and make sure your outlet has power.
  2. If you are using an alternate power source, like a generator or vehicle inverter, make sure that it produces enough energy. The COFFEEBOXX requires 1450 watts, and we always suggest to use sources that have 2000 watts to be sure! 12-volt car chargers don’t have enough juice to fully power the COFFEEBOXX.

It turns on, but my brew cycle doesn't seem to work?

  1. Again, just double check and make sure the machine is turned on and has power.
  2. Check and make sure that the brewing compartment door is closed completely. Sometimes you have to slam the lid down to make it lock securely.

My hot water works fine, but my brew cycle will not work.

You might have a possible blockage caused by small coffee grounds getting stuck inside the inner needle. These coffee grounds swell up with moisture and stick together causing this blockage, so try lifting the Brew Compartment Door and letting it dry out.
If this does not work, please reference the Maitanence Kit video on the OXX YouTube Channel.
Build your own maintenance kit using these items:
(1) 10ml needleless syringe

2″ of soft silicone rubber tubing (used for air/water) – inside diam. 4mm; outside diam. 7mm; wall thickness 1.5mm

Cut the rubber tubbing to length and place it on the end of the needless syringe, then follow video instructions.

What does it mean when my descale light pops on?

It’s time to descale your COFFEEBOXX and clean it up.

Scale happens when water drys out and leaves a small mineral build up. It’s common to see small, white deposits left when water drys up. Over time, scale can build up internally and cause the COFFEEBOXX to brew slower and eventually, without being descaled, not let water pass through.

Learn how to descale from the following steps or watch this short video

To Descale:

  1. Remove the Water Filter and fill the Water Tank with 1 liter of descaling agent or undiluted white vinegar. (If using descaling agent, refer to its instructions for descaling steps.)
  2. Place the Water Tank back in the machine.
  3. Place a large coffee cup (8 oz. minimum) toward the back of the Drip Tray.
  4. Make sure the Brew Button is lit and there is no pod in the Brewing Compartment.
  5. Press the 8 oz. Cup Button to run a descaling cycle.
  6. Discard the liquid when finished.
  7. Run additional descaling cycles until the Water Tank is empty.
  8. Allow the machine to sit for 1 hour.
  9. Empty the Water Tank and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  10. Fill with fresh water.
  11. Run 5 brewing cycles without a pod to flush the system.
  12. If you notice a residual taste, perform additional brewing cycles.
  13. If the Hot Water dispenser is used frequently, then press the Hot Water Button and repeat steps 1­-8.
  14. Replace the Water Filter.
  15. To reset the Descale Indicator press and hold the Brew Button for 5 seconds.
  16. Your machine is now ready to use again!

You can also look up in your owner manual on page 20 for the instructions as well.

What does it mean when the 3 lights are flashing?

diagram-of-panel-operations1This is the Machine Alert Status. The pump is running but not dispensing water on both the brew and water cycles.  There is an issue with the water supply.

  1. The 3 red indicators will begin flashing.
  2. Make sure the Water Tank Compartment door is closed completely.
  3. Make sure there are no obstructions inside the Water Tank Compartment preventing the Water Tank from seating completely.
  4. Check that the Water Filter Cap and Water Tank Cap are seated completely on the Water Tank.
  5. Check that the Water Filter is free from clogs.
  6. Clear the metal mesh in the filter holder.
  7. Clean the Water Filter Cap connection.
  8. Check that the Water Filter Cap and Water Filter Holder are tightly connected.

If these steps are complete and you are still having the issue this may be due to a jammed pump spring. Follow these steps in order to break the pump spring loose:

  1. Unplug the COFFEEBOXX and retract the power cable.
  2. Remove the Water Tank and make sure all lids are shut tight.
  3. Take the COFFEEBOXX by the handle and jar the bottom sides of the machine against a hard, carpeted surface about 6 times (approximately 12-20 inches off of the floor).  Reconnect COFFEEBOXX and attempt to brew again without a pod.

When I brew my coffee, the coffee/water flow is inconstant.

  1. Try and inspect the Pod Holder for obstructions, use a toothpick to dislodge any foreign objects that might be stopping the water to flow through properly.
  2. Slam on the Water Tank Compartment Door to make sure that it is closed completely and that there is a good connection between the Water Tank and the Water Tank Compartment Door.
  3. Try and elevate the Water Tank inside the Water Tank Compartment. (Elevating the Water Tank a few millimeters can help create full contact between the Water Tank Cap and the pump connection on the bottom of the Water Tank Compartment Door).
  4. Check that the Water Filter is free from clogs.
  5. Clear the metal mesh in the filter holder.
  6. Check that the Water Filter Cap and Water Filter Holder are tightly connected.

I believe that water is leaking from my COFFEEBOXX.

A few different issues going on:

Crack in the bottom of the Water Tank Compartment.

There are grooves/portal on the bottom of the Water Tank Compartment that allows for spilled water to stream out to prevent water from becoming stagnant, but water will also escape from the Drip Tray.

  1. Remove Drip Tray and see if water is coming out of the holes.
  2. Try placing the Water Tank on a paper towel or cloth to confirm is there is a leak.

Loose Hose Connection

To check for a loose hose, you will need to open up the COFFEEBOXX by following these steps:

1.Remove all 4 screws on the top of the COFFEEBOXX

2. Slightly lift the COFFEEBOXX lid approximately 1 inch.  Do so carefully as there are hoses and wires still connected.  Slid the lid to the left (towards the power button) side to create an access point.  Allow the lid hang off to the left side of the unit.

3. Locate the loose connection.

4. Remove the old zip tie and do not reuse

5. Tightly reconnect using a new zip tie.  Place the lid back on and retighten all 4 screws.